Journal 6: Rank the Solving Methods

Journal 6 asked students to rank the three quadratic solving methods they’d been working on: factoring, graphing, and the quadratic formula. This was the most heavily curriculum-related writing they’d had to do, which is probably why they struggled to describe the math with any specificity.

I liked having written evidence that preferences for solving methods differed, so I posted opposing excerpts in the classroom (for example, one student talked about preferring the factoring method, while another described how he hated that method the most).

Editable version: Ch. 7 Pre-test Rank Solving Methods Journal

Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 3.37.02 PM

1 thought on “Journal 6: Rank the Solving Methods

  1. I wrote a similar activity years ago that looked at factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula as the three options. I had students working in groups of three or four, I gave them 12 quadratics and asked them to identify which of the three techniques was best for each of the problems. Then I asked them to write their own examples of problems that would be best solved by each of these techniques and had groups share out their ideas at the board. I wish I could find that worksheet now. I loved listening to the discussions – especially about which equations might be best for completing the square.

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