Students Lead the Review

For the first time in their high school careers, my students (juniors and seniors) are taking a math final that is cumulative over the entire year. To support them in preparing for this, I took a page from my own senior-year-math-teacher’s playbook and organized a student-led review. Each student signed up for one or two carefully defined topics from the study guide for which they would lead a 10-15 minute review in the final days of class. Each was required to meet with me in advance of their presentation to discuss the details of their plan. So far, those one-on-one meetings have yielded great teaching moments. The presentations themselves have mostly been rough. (I think it’s a healthy eye-opener to the travails faced on the teacher’s end of things.)

Next year I’d like to do this kind of review at the end of first semester as well as at the end of the year. That way they’ll have a chance to learn from their first attempt at teaching and hopefully do better and feel more at ease the second time.

*On a sort of related note, I broke the study guide for the final exam into two parts. There is a list of specific skills that will be tested, but there is also a list of concepts and definitions students will need to know/understand/be able to describe. The student presentations focus on specific skills; I field questions about the concepts/definitions.

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