Good Intentions

Last June I wrote oh so enthusiastically about the homework policy I planned to implement in trig this year, which I had borrowed from one of my college math professors. It was going to basically change the world. Until I abandoned it only a few weeks into the school year. Wisely.

This year was funny that way. So many of my theoretically solid plans turned out to be worth bupkis in actual practice and had to be tossed. But, also in practice, I picked up ideas, plans, strategies worth far more than anything I thought I had before.

I haven’t posted here since September, partly because of time, priorities, stress, etc., and partly because it was then that I bore the heaviest load of inadequacy awareness. I had learned just enough to know that my “insights” into teaching could well turn out to be that much rubbish, and it seemed that my options for publishing posts were to either pretend to greater wisdom than I had or fill them with nauseating angst.

But here I am in May! With a list of things I’d like to reflect on in writing! And enough objectivity, despite my still-new-ness, to give it all, I think, a fair shake! Expect to hear more.


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