Chapter 5

My Trig-ers are preparing for their second test of the year. I accidentally did something funky with this unit, which has complicated the test prep process for them. It’s possible that it could improve their long-term info retention, but I’ll have to see whether the improvement is worth doing it this way again.

I began teaching the first unit (a review of the final material from their last math class) overestimating the amount they’d remember from last year, underestimating the difficulty of schoolwork re-entry, and not realizing that the previous trig teacher (whose reviews and tests I’m using) split this unit in two.

That last error led me to push the students through the entire unit before telling them to go back and review only the first half of what we covered. After reviewing and being tested on that half, they began reviewing the second half, which is recent enough that instruction about it is now boring, but distant enough that they were all relatively lost. I gave a valiant effort at stepping them back through the material, but observed that even the most diligent among them were intellectually zonked out. So I stopped, and set them loose on some review problems.

Cons: the class seems unorganized and confusing. Possible pros: hitting the material twice, with a bit of a break between, could improve their long-term retention. Their test is on Monday and I wish them the very best.

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